Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair Service

We fix your leaking faucets and make them work like new ones. We also offer installation services for those who are not comfortable working on their own pipes, which is why our team members know the ins and outs of every home plumbing issue imaginable! Our goal? To be able to provide a quick solution when you need it most.

Male Plumber's Hand Repairing Sink Pipe Leakage With Adjustable Wrench

Save time, money, and water by fixing that drip today!

The dripping faucet is a sign of wasted resources and money down the drain! If you ignore it for too long instead of fixing yourself, then over time this could cost more than what was originally thought- even if it’s an easy project like those pesky drips from your sink or showerhead.

Your plumbing emergencies are our business

James Plumbing is here for you! We know that choosing who provides your home or business’s needs can seem overwhelming but don’t fret because it takes a phone call, and we’ll take care of everything from there. You’re in good hands when dealing directly with us here at James Plumber!